Golf Course Indoor Golf Simulator

Indoor Golf Simulator

Queensbury, Glens Falls, Lake George Indoor Golf Simulator

You improved so much over the summer…don’t lose it during the winter! Enjoy this indoor winter activity and continue to improve your game on any of our 41 virtual courses. Our Queensbury indoor golf simulators have features that look and play like real golf! It’s a ton of fun and perfectly supplements your outdoor golf game.

Indoor PGA Golf Simulator Rates

Rates are per hour, not per person.

Days & TimesPrice
Monday – Friday (before 5:00pm)$30.00 per hour
Monday – Friday (after 5:00pm)$34.00 per hour
Saturday and Sunday (all day)$34.00 per hour

PGA TOUR Simulators

About Our Simulators

The PGA TOUR Simulator uses 3Trak, the first and only reference-quality laboratory level launch tracking system commercially available. 3Trak provides unyielding dynamic performance and pinpoint accuracy for every element of the golf ball and club at launch. It is the only commercially available simulator launch engine that precisely measures ball and club kinematics on every plane.

And only the PGA TOUR Simulator applies proprietary Immersive Play Technology™. Immersive Play Technology is a suite of proprietary 3D graphics and physics algorithms designed to fully engage players in their rounds. Combined, 3Trak and Immersive Play Technology provide a level of play satisfaction and overall experience that can only be achieved in the PGA TOUR Simulator.

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