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Queensbury – Glens Falls PGA Golf Tour Simulators

The PGA TOUR Simulator at our golf club in Queensbury – Glens Falls uses 3Trak, the first and only reference-quality laboratory level launch tracking system commercially available. 3Trak provides unyielding dynamic performance and pinpoint accuracy for every element of the golf ball and club at launch. It is the only commercially available simulator launch engine that precisely measures ball and club kinematics on every plane.

And only the PGA TOUR Simulator applies proprietary Immersive Play Technology™. Immersive Play Technology is a suite of proprietary 3D graphics and physics algorithms designed to fully engage players in their rounds. Combined, 3Trak and Immersive Play Technology provide a level of play satisfaction and overall experience that can only be achieved in the PGA TOUR Simulator.


  • Accurate Ball Flight: Only the PGA TOUR Simulator applies true ball trajectory physics in replicating each shot.
  • Accurate Bounce and Roll: Terrain is modeled with a resolution less than a few inches. This, along with true physics, produces true bounce and roll.
  • Accurate Reactions to Objects: Only the PGA TOUR Simulator applies true collision physics for everything you see, including trees, bushes, grasses, and rocks.
  • Accurate Reaction to Wind: The PGA TOUR Simulator’s true physics includes precise algorithms that take into account the lift and drag coefficients of the ball in flight as it collides with the wind. The result is amazing, with shots that balloon into the wind, get knocked down by the following wind and react with unbelievable accuracy on crosswinds.
  • Accurate Course Replication: Most courses are modeled in all three dimensions, accurate to less than 2.5 inches. No other simulator comes close.
  • Accurate Ambient Movement: The industry’s most powerful 3D graphics engine provides accurate ambient movement of every element of scenery, including clouds, water, trees, bushes, and tall grass.
  • Accurate Lies: The PGA TOUR Simulator’s accurate 3D modeled terrain provides a huge payoff in every type of lie, including how sloped lies affect ball flight.
  • Accurate Cameras: With a powerful 3D rendering engine, the PGA TOUR Simulator can provide infinite and precise views from infinite camera angles. And infinite views mean your ball always ends up where you hit it.
  • Accurate Graphics: Every view, every lie, every tree, every part of the course is fully 3D rendered with at definition resolutions as high as any display hardware can produce.
  • Accuracy on Every Shot: Every drive, full shot, pitch, chip, bump and run, and putt of any length (including lip-outs) is precisely accurate.


aboutGolf expands its lead in the simulator market with the release of the aboutGolf 3D/Etm graphics engine. 3D is essential to accuracy, enabling correct collisions with trees, terrain, rocks, and other objects. 3D rendered graphics are the only way to ensure the accurate flight and placement of every shot. 3D graphics enable trees, grass, and flags to blow in the wind, for clouds to change shape and move by, birds to fly overhead, and waves to roll onto shore.

The very first PC golf simulation that aboutGolf produced 15 years ago applied rudimentary 16 colors graphics. Consideration was given to what at the time was a more graphically advanced approach of applying still photographs. But aboutGolf knew that this would severely limit future performance capabilities. Fifteen years later, with the release of its proprietary 3D/Etm graphics engine, aboutGolf is able to bring its courses to life with a moving, fully three- dimensional world. AND, the best part is that advances will be never-ending. Unlike with photo-based graphics, the 3D/Etm engine allows for virtually limitless advances.

3D/Etm Graphics Engine Advances:

  • Dramatically improved skies with moving clouds and mist
  • Improved weather such as fog that rolls in
  • Dynamic cameras can produce any desired views
  • Fully 3D objects with rich movement
  • Extreme accuracy in ball flight and collisions
  • Exponential texture resolution increase
  • Flying birds and other animal and object movement
  • Improvements in blowing grass and trees
  • Improvements in waterfalls, oceans, and ponds

“aboutGolf has by far the largest team of course developers that not only will ensure they soon will have the most courses in the industry but the most meticulously replicated and most graphically stunning.” –

Applying aboutGolf’s proprietary 3D/Etm graphics engine, aboutGolf offers the most meticulously reproduced courses in the industry. Unlike some simulators which use public domain satellite data, aboutGolf procures its own data on each course, accurate to within 6 inches, ensuring precise course replication down to the breaks on short putts. aboutGolf spends more than 18 man-months to produce each course to the utmost levels of accuracy and graphical quality.

When aboutGolf entered into a long term partnership with the St. Andrews Trust to replicate the legendary Old Course plus the New and Jubilee courses (all of which were built in the late 1800’s), a commitment was made to achieve the most accurate and graphically advanced course reproductions ever. Using aboutGolf’s external team of the most experienced course data technicians in the industry, opting for the highest-detail aerial photogrammetric analysis that technology allows, then putting this data into the hands of aboutGolf’s experienced team of 16 course designers, the three courses at St. Andrews promise to surpass the industry-leading standards this team has already set.

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